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A Drag Art Odyssey


"Canvas of Queens" is a dynamic art exhibition and social impact documentary embarking on an electrifying journey through drag culture, celebrating art, identity, and the diverse voices that shine brightly within the LGBTQ+ community and beyond!


Freedom of self-expression is a fundamental human right, and various forms of artistic expression, including drag art, can empower individuals to embrace their uniqueness and live authentically and confidently. However, in recent times, the drag community has become the target of hate-fueled extremists seeking to silence LGBTQ+ culture, visibility, and pride, and this hurts our society as a whole.


Our crew believes in the power of storytelling to create social change, and our mission with "Canvas of Queens" is to open conversations about this vibrant art form and shed light on the drag culture's positive impact on society. This documentary isn't just about celebrating drag culture; it's about all of us; You, me, and everyone in between! 


This journey follows Celebrity Artist Anita Nevar as she creates captivating artworks showcasing the diva-licious lives of world-renowned drag royalty, to the unsung heroes shaking up her backyard. Kicking off at Anita's electrifying art exhibition in the glitz of Hollywood, at the legendary RuPauls Drag Con, and sashaying back to the urban grit of Australia's drag scene, this is your all-access pass to the glittering heart of drag culture.


This story will be told through the empowering artworks Anita has created, and interviews with the iconic drag queen featured. We will capture their journeys, struggles, and triumphs whilst on the road and at our community and private events. Through these raw and heartfelt stories, we will inspire viewers to cultivate a more inclusive and compassionate society by opening hearts and minds, thereby advancing progress and equality. Through vibrant storytelling, we'll inspire others to embrace the beauty of bold self-expression and the happiness and love it radiates into the world!

July 19th - 20th 2024
Los Angeles, USA


The time is now to take a stand and end the hate, and together, we can reshape the narrative and propagate a message of love and acceptance. Your backing doesn't just light the spark; it sets the stage ablaze!


With preparation for this 18-month project already underway, filming began in March and will continue until December 2024. Following this, post-production will begin, as we cut, craft, and perfect every glittering moment ready for a sparkling 2025 release date TBA! 


Due to the magnitude of this project, funding is crucial to cover the production costs, from the nuts and bolts of equipment hire to the logistics of travel, to marketing, promotion, and community outreach. Anita is self-funding a major portion of this project, thanks to her esteemed collectors investing in her exclusive paintings, and our film crew are also seeking funding through various other avenues including corporate sponsorship, crowdfunding, In-Kind donations and government grants.


Your generous contributions will provide our team with the resources needed to finalize this project with the precision and love it deserves, and in return, we have some incredible perks for you, your business, or your brand in our documentary too!


Here are some ways you can help right now:

  • Invest in Anita's Artwork: Now is the perfect time to acquire Anita's Original Paintings. Not only is the value of her creations soaring rapidly making it a savvy investment opportunity you won't want to overlook, but you'll also be contributing to the resounding success of Canvas of Queens and supporting Gold Coast Pride. And as if that wasn't a sweet enough deal, did you know you can also Claim your Artwork as a Tax Deduction for your business before June 30th, 2024? Contact Anita now for purchase enquiries! 

  • Become a Sponsor: Whether it's financial backing or In-Kind Donations, every contribution, big or small, shines brightly in our endeavour! Contact Anita today about Available Sponsorship Packages!

  • Be Our Social Butterfly: Follow our journey and sprinkle our campaign across your social media gardens. Chat it up with your pals over coffee, brunch, or cocktail hour. With every share, tweet, or gab, you're helping us. Remember to unleash the power of our hashtag too #CanvasOfQueens

  • Support our Crowdfunding: Did you know you can grab yourself a sizzling art perk, and at the same time you'll be supporting our documentary and charity partner Gold Coast Pride?! Now that's a win-win for everybody!


Our team is committed to building partnerships with LGBTQ+ businesses, allies and charitable organizations, aiming to boost the visibility and impact of our project while uplifting and strengthening our community.


We are thrilled to announce our Partnership with Gold Coast Rainbow Communities, the host of our film crew's local Gold Coast Pride in Australia. Our partnership will span from featuring their impactful initiatives in our documentary to organizing engaging community events, ensuring a transformative experience for all. Additionally, our project will actively support Gold Coast Pride through fundraising efforts, contributing to their invaluable mission. Together, we will highlight their impactful community work to amplify diverse voices and spread love.

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