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Anita Nevar works closely with clients to ensure their privately commissioned original paintings will be treasured for a lifetime. Below are the basic terms of service for commissions intended for personal use only. For a commercial contract involving the acquisition of usage rights, alternative terms will be applied and set in consultation to suit the client's needs. 


• Due to demand, a limited number of private commissions will be accepted by the artist per year. An initial consultation will be required to ascertain availability and/or registration to be on the waiting list.

• Commission requests are accepted for clients worldwide.

Selection Process

• Due to the nature of the artist's work, commissions are granted according to a selection process. Anita Nevar generally accepts NSFW, Nudity, BDSM, Kink, Fetish, LGBTQ+, and Celebrity portrait requests. NSFW characters must be over 18.

• Commission requests that will NOT be accepted include; family portraits, children, animals/pets, cars/motorbikes, and anything hateful, racist, or child pornography

Initial Consultation

• A Free Consultation with Anita will be required to discuss client requests, and ideas, and to determine availability. Anita can be contacted here.

Before Work Begins

After the initial consultation and acceptance of the booking, the client is required to email the following:

• Image/s to be used as references for the commission. Please note, that if there are any copyright concerns about these images, this will be discussed in further consultation. If you do not have any reference images, a photo shoot with a celebrity photographer will be arranged. This will be discussed at your initial consultation. 

• Specific requests including but not limited to: the size of the artwork, colors and design elements required/preferred, framing, and budget.

• Once the commission is confirmed, a contract will be drawn and signed by both the artist and the client. Upon return of the signed agreed contract, the commissioned artwork will be scheduled and an invoice for services rendered will be sent via email.

Preliminary Work and Revisions

Commissions are a multi-step process. Feedback will be required throughout the design and painting phases to ensure the final artwork is exactly as the client requires.  

• An initial design mockup will be emailed for approval. Edits are unlimited.

• After the design mockup is approved, the initial phase of the painting will be emailed for approval. This is where the first layer of paint is applied and colours chosen can be reassessed. Up to 2 edits can be requested for a change in colours only. Design edits will not be permitted at this phase.

• After the initial phase of painting is approved, the final paint layers will be completed. Confirmation of the finished painting will be emailed for approval before being shipped.  

• All allowable edits will be free of charge. Additional edits and major changes will be an extra cost negotiated separately with the client. For the request of a complete redo, after all approvals have been passed, an entirely new commission fee will apply.

Artwork Completion Dates

Depending on the size and complexity of a commissioned painting, a great amount of time may be needed to complete it.

• Strict deadlines required by the client for the completion of a commission must be discussed in the initial consultation to ascertain whether the time frame can be adequately met. 

• Should additional edits be requested by the client, extra time will be required and initial deadlines may not be met. In this event, a new date will be discussed and negotiated as required. 

Force Majeure: Should an unforeseen event cause major delays, we may discuss a new date for completion or terminate the agreement. “Force Majeure” means any act, circumstance, or omission over which we could not reasonably have exercised control. (ie: A zombie invasion and the studio burns down, or more boring stuff like floods and shit!). 

The Client's Usage Rights

On completion of the commission, the client retains the following rights:

The client will be provided with a digital file of the finished artwork on completion of payment. This may be used for personal use only and is not permitted for commercial useFor a commercial contract involving the acquisition of usage rights, please contact Anita.

• Images of the commissioned artwork may be freely posted on the client's website and social media channels, or use a cropped version as an icon, banner, profile picture, signature, etc. Online use is permitted using web quality versions at 72dpi only. It is requested that credit to the artist Anita Nevar is given where the image is displayed, wherever possible.

• The client may not solicit the commission as their own artwork.

The Artist's Reservation Rights

• The artist Anita Nevar retains all the rights of the image/s that have not been expressly granted above. The client may not reproduce or resell the image/s commercially in any form, including NFTs.

• The artist retains the copyright of the produced artwork and photographic image/s (if using our photographer), including preliminary sketches/design mockups and concepts. Anita Nevar reserves the right to use the images in her portfolio, as well as the right to share them online on her website and social media channels, and for promotional purposes in public media in print and online. 

• The artist retains the right to reproduce fine art prints of the commission for commercial use if desired. Should the client wish to claim exclusive rights, a contract and remuneration can be discussed.  

Whilst the artist is happy to discuss the client's ideas during the initial consultation, the artist reserves the right to refuse any commission request.

Payment Policy

• Payments can be made via the artist's secure website portal using Paypal or Stripe, or via direct bank deposit on request. 

• Clients have the option to pay in one of 2 ways:

        1. Paid in full before the work begins (this will attract a discount)

        2. Paid in 2 installments. 50% on confirmation of acceptance and scheduling (before the design mockup phase begins), and the remaining 50% when the artwork completes the initial painting phase (see preliminary work and revisions above).

• All commissions must be paid in full before the work is completed and shipped. There will be no exceptions. 

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation fees will be due depending on the amount of work that the artist has completed. 

• If the client chooses to cancel:

        1. 100% of the fee paid will be refunded before the sketch phase begins.

        2. 35% of the fee paid will be retained by the artist during or on completion of the initial sketch phase.

        3. 70% of the fee paid will be retained by the artist during or on completion of the initial paint phase, or during the final paint phase.

• Refunds will not be issued after the commissioned painting has been completed.

 The artist reserves the right to cancel any commission and 100% of the fee paid will be refunded to the client. 


Shipping is FREE Worldwide and includes Insurance.

• Taxes and Duties may apply for international shipments outside of Australia. The client will be responsible for paying this once the artwork arrives. We cannot quote for this prior as the artwork has to pass through customs first.

Fine Art Reproduction Service

A high-quality fine art reproduction service is available for client requests for additional copies of their commissioned artwork. Contact Anita for options and to get a custom quote.


If you have any further queries relating to our Private Commission Terms & Conditions please contact Anita.

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