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Anita Nevar Erotic Artist _ Colourful Portrait by Chrissie Hall Photography_
Anita Nevar Celebrity Artist | Portrait by Chrissie Hall Photograpghy
Anita Nevar Erotic Artist _ Colourful Portrait by Chrissie Hall Photography_


From Doomsday Cult Survivor to Erotic Freedom Fighter, Anita Nevar is a daring erotic pop artist born from the ashes of a repressive past. Her artwork is not just a creation; it's a revolution celebrating the spectrum of sexuality and diversity, and a dialogue of liberation and uninhibited self-expression.

This is not just art; it's a lifestyle, a luxury, a step towards self-reclamation, where you become a part of a pulsating movement celebrating your deepest most intimate self, kinks, and desires.

Forbes Magazine Cover | Celebrity Artist Anita Nevar
LA Weekly Magazine Cover | Celebrity Artist Anita Nevar
Evil A_Sitting Room Interior_3000px 72dpi comp.png

Immerse yourself in a virtual journey where curated collections of provocative masterpieces are stylized for bold collectors seeking to make a statement!

Anita's original erotic pop paintings are more than exclusive; they are once-in-a-lifetime experiences, waiting to grace your space with unapologetic sass!

Forget ordinary. Be Extraordinary! When you invest in an exclusively commissioned masterpiece, you are not just buying art; you are procuring a beacon of bold self-acceptance that celebrates everything that is uniquely you!

Original Acrylic on Canvas Erotic Pop Art Painting of a man wearing a BDSM choker and hat with a scorpion on his face | by Celebrity Artist Anita Nevar.

Welcome to the world of unabashed indulgence, where seductive art becomes your ultimate status symbol!

An erotic portrait of a man named Percy Katt, wearing a BDSM leather choker and cap, and scorpions on his face and torso.

Experience the thrill of Anita's creative process, from the selection of reference images of her inspirational subjects to the completion of each canvas painting. Here is where you'll find the evolving vision and dynamic energy of her latest masterpieces! 

Pozible_Cover Image.png

Buckle up art loverz! Anita's new collection of tantalizing artworks, never before released, will be showcased alongside RuPaul's magical queens as they run the pink carpet in Los Angeles USA 2024. Not only will there be a major exhibition, but there is also a documentary in the making called "Canvas of Queens: A Drag Art Odyssey". You won't want to miss this sizzling soiree!

Photo of a tropical island resort retreat on the beach with huts on the sand.

Step into a world where art has no rules and luxury knows no bounds!

Bold and decadent, Anita's bespoke art retreats are exclusively curated for the discerning client unafraid of provocation, and who demands nothing but the absolute best!  

Rob Godwin | Director and Head of Operations at Lovehoney

Rob Godwin

"Anita Nevar is one of the best artists I have ever met. Not only my resident artist at all capital shows for Sexpo Australia over many years, she has painted custom pieces of art for Lovehoney head office in Brisbane, and my own home. Truly a unique, brilliant and hugely talented talented artist. She has even featured in our documentary Frisky Business 2 for Netflix, SBS and 17 countries around the world. If you don't have an original piece, do yourself a favour and get one ... now."
Alana Hall Profile Headshot

Alana Hall

"Anita doesn't just do art, she is art!
She embodies style and meaning in everything she does. Conceptually, her work is out of the box and her technique, indefectible. It's progressive, liberal and impactful - more of what the world needs. "
Anya Krexovetcz Profile Headshot

Anya Krexovetcz

"I've had the pleasure of showcasing some of Anita's fabulous artworks and WOW ... they pop!!! Strong images ... clean lines ... vibrant colours ... her pieces are reflective of the talented and amazing woman behind the brush... bold, emotive and provocative. So if you are looking for that special painting for lounge room or one to jazz up the boudoir (winks), you wont be disappointed, the return on investment is guaranteed."   
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