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Anita Nevar Pop Erotic Artist | Coloured Powder Portrait | Image by Chrissie Hall Photography.



We all have a kink in our makeup. Some of us will live it in the recessed shadows of ourselves afraid to boldly go within and express our innermost secrets and desires, and some of us unapologetically throw down the mantles to stand up and be noticed!

Anita understands how it feels to hide behind masks, alienated from her true identity. After escaping from a doomsday cult, she has spent the last two decades empowering others to embrace their kinks, be proud of who they are, and join in the celebration of sex-positive diversity.


Rob Godwin | Director and Head of Operations at Lovehoney

Rob Godwin

Anita Nevar is one of the best artists I have ever met. Not only my resident artist at all capital shows for Sexpo Australia over many years, she has painted custom pieces of art for Lovehoney head office in Brisbane, and my own home. Truly a unique, brilliant and hugely talented talented artist. She has even featured in our documentary Frisky Business 2 for Netflix, SBS and 17 countries around the world. If you don't have an original piece, do yourself a favour and get one ... now.

Alana Hall Profile Headshot

Alana Hall

Anita doesn't just do art, she is art!

She embodies style and meaning in everything she does. Conceptually, her work is out of the box and her technique, indefectible. It's progressive, liberal and impactful - more of what the world needs. 

Anya Krexovetcz Profile Headshot

Anya Krexovetcz

I've had the pleasure of showcasing some of Anita's fabulous artworks and WOW ... they pop!!! Strong images ... clean lines ... vibrant colours ... her pieces are reflective of the talented and amazing woman behind the brush... bold, emotive and provocative. So if you are looking for that special painting for lounge room or one to jazz up the boudoir (winks), you wont be disappointed, the return on investment is guaranteed.   

Artist Nevar Pop Erotic Artist  | Instagram Profile Image.


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