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Ravenged | Perverse Stree Merch by Erotic Artist Anita Nevar.

Welcome to Anita's new brand Ravenged, the start of a psychosexualdelic phenomenon to spice up the lives of every fiend on the planet. 


Exclusive lines of perverse merchandise featuring Anita's erotic artwork is hitting the streets now. Check out her sexy collection of erotic beach towels and more!


Bombshell Beach Towel by Ravenged | Artist Anita Nevar.
TV Documentary - News
Erotic Artist Anita Nevar Queer Drag Art Documentary at The Beat Megaclub.


Excitement is in the camp!


Out now is a documentary on Anita and her art practice being featured on the TV show Colour in Your Life which is dedicated to featuring artists in their studios around the globe.


As a sexuality ally and supporter of the LGBTQ community, Anita will be not only be featuring several artworks from her latest queer series, she will also be painting a glamorous new muse, Australia's premier Drag Queen Art Simone.  

And if that wasn't exciting enough, Anita has teamed up with Brisbane's most iconic gay-friendly hangout The Beat Megaclub, and Sex Toy Giant Lovehoney, so you are in for a treat! 

Black and white BDSM Mask Book Cover by Pop Erotic Artist Anita Nevar.


Now in the making is a very saucy book that will feature the sordid details of Anita's life story and art journey over the years, as she aims to inspire others to live out loud and proud!  

Imagery never released to the public previously, will be available in this limited edition release, along with the details of how sexual empowerment has become such a vital theme throughout her work.

Get ready for the climax... the titillating title and pre-release date is soon to be revealed. Get on the email list for all the latest news!

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