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Forbes_Black Dress_Ann Landstrom Photography_1080 comp.jpg

Forbes Riley is a Celebrity TV Host, Queen of the Perfect Pitch, Motivational Speaker & Coach, and an inspiration to the world at large.


I am delighted to be painting a commission in honor of this divine woman with a huge heart who is making waves in the world at large.

Joshua Self is a World Champion Body Builder and Fitness Model dedicated to helping others achieve the ultimate in fitness and health.


As the other half of this delicious power couple, it is certainly a treat to have both these sexy humans on my easel.  

Joshua Self_Black Jocks_Martin Ryter Photography_1080 comp.jpg
Pop Erotic Artist Anita Nevar Painting Queer Artist Percy Katt.

Exhibitionist. Provocateur.

Visionary. Libertine.

The delicious Percy Katt is a force to be reckoned with! 

Such a thrill to be painting this saucy Canadian performance artist in my latest series that will be taking a wondrous dive into the world of queer arts.

Portrait of Queer Artist Percy Katt wearing BDSM Collar.
Pop Erotic Artist Anita Nevar preparing a painting of Drag Queen Art Simone.

Hailed as one of Australia's premiere Drag Queens, it's hard not to be captivated by Art Simone


She is the main feature in a TV Documentary airing now on the show Colour In Your Life, where I am unveiling the secrets behind my erotic art practice.

Portrait of Drag Artist Art Simone in Orange Wig.